• Values

    All our products are luxuriously crafted while conforming to high ethical and sustainable standards


    We work with 100% certified organic cotton only 

    Our bed sheets are crafted from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton in a textile mill that recycles its waste water. Organic cotton is not induced with pesticides or other toxic chemicals making it great for the environment while sustaining the farmers' health and yours too. We care about the people who craft our products and work with fair trade certified manufacturers.


    We actively seek to minimize water wastage

    In standard textile manufacturing, a large amount of water is wasted during production and dyeing. Industrial water pollution is very harmful to the environment and the local population. This is why we only work with suppliers that actively prevent water wastages. Our current bed sheet supplier recycles 99% of its wastewater.


    Sustainable single-piece packaging 

    We care about our planet as much as we care about great design, which is why we aim at minimizing as much waste as possible and avoid plastic. Our unique packaging is made of a single-piece recycled paper and the bed sheet is rolled inside of it. All you need to know about the sheets, such as washing instructions, are directly printed on the packaging.




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