• Punjab Collection


    Our collection PUNJAB is inspired by patterns spotted around the northern regions of Pakistan. Hundreds of years of heritage spawned by various kingdoms and dynasties have shaped this awe-inspiring region and its architecture. This collection is a tribute to that. 

    Lahori Dirwaza

    This bed sheet design is inspired by a beautiful geometric pattern that you can see on pillars inside the Lahore Airport. You can see other versions of it on many windows and doors around the Punjab region. This pattern infuses Mughal culture with British colonial architecture. Our take on this design invites you to explore the many stories hidden behind the little doors.






    Katas Raj

    This bed sheet design is inspired by a gorgeous tree of life painting from the Katasraj temple. One of the oldest Hindu temples in the North of Punjab, Katasraj is believed to have been founded by the Hindu god Krishna himself. However, neglect on part of local as well as international bodies has resulted in this beautiful building being almost forgotten. Booming cement factories are currently overshadowing the building from all sides and endanger it. We want to both honor the Katasraj temple and bring awareness to it with this design.